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Clothing Market in Bangkok

Markets are a fundamental part of Bangkok life and Pratunam Shopping Market is certainly no exception. The name of the market means Water Gate. Perhaps they simply don't know. Anyway it's not really that great an importance. What is more important is that this market is primarily a clothing market though there are lots of other merchandise you can purchase here too.

Lots of boats travel up and down these waterways daily. They provide a safe and convenient form of transportation as opposed to the congested street traffic. Not only that, they offer a faster way to get to the many markets. Water Taxis are the answer.

The core business generated at Pratunam Market is clothing, thus making it one of the major players in this particular industry. It is also possibly the best market for buying clothes, fabrics and textiles in Bangkok.

First and foremost, the market remains open virtually all day and night. Secondly, English is both spoken and understood here. It just makes shopping that much easier and also greatly helps when trying to negotiate better wholesale prices.

The market is situated at the intersection of Ratchaprarop and Phetburi Roads directly behind the Amari Watergate Hotel and then continues all the way around the streets surrounding both the Indra Regent and the Baiyoke Sky hotels.

If you should walk along Ratchaprarop Road, you will soon notice a fair number of extremely narrow and dimly-lit alleyways, all jam-packed with a chaotic collection of small shops and even smaller stalls. Both locals and tourists alike jostle around for whatever available space there is, so as to move up and down the lanes with relative ease and with as little discomfort as can be possible.

Don't even think about crossing the bustling highway to this mall unless you are either an out-and-out crazy adrenaline junkie or a wee bit insane. Please use the pedestrian bridges of which there are quite a few. You may have to walk a very short distance to reach one but your safety will be assured. Happy shopping.

The surrounding streets outside Pratunam market is abuzz with lots of lively stalls and their vendors selling a variety of inexpensive merchandise. Here you can buy all sorts of goodies from the latest male and female fashion garments, costume jewellery, local handicrafts, fake watches, designer lighters and whatever else may take your fancy.

The market is very close to Panthip Plaza on the new Phetchaburi Road where you can shop for computer hardware and software, photographic equipment and mobile phones. There is also Central World Plaza nearby which is the upmarket shopping complex situated on the corner of Petchaburi and Ratchaprarop Roads.
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