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Markets are a fundamental part of Bangkok life and Pratunam Shopping Market is certainly no exception. The name of the market means Water Gate. Perhaps they simply don't know. Anyway it's not really that great an importance. What is more important is that this market is primarily a clothing market though there are lots of other merchandise you can purchase here too.
Lots of boats travel up and down these waterways daily. They provide a safe and convenient form of transportation as opposed to the congested street traffic. Not only that, they offer a faster way to get to the many markets. Water Taxis are the answer. The core business generated at Pratunam Market is clothing, thus making it one of the major players in this particular industry. It is also possibly the best market for buying clothes, fabrics and textiles in Bangkok [...]
There are direct international flights to some of the provincial airports, notably Chiang Mai and Phuket, which eliminate the need to change planes in Bangkok. If you come to Bangkok on the international express train from Malaysia, the terminus is Hualampong Railway station, in the middle of Bangkok, which is also a terminus of the underground railway (subway). The station is well served by taxis and buses. Entry Restrictions
Visas are not necessary for tourists staying up to thirty days. For some nationals only fifteen-day visas are available. If you plan to stay longer, you should get your visa in advance from a Thai embassy or consulate. Check for up-to-date immigration regulations. Do not outstay the period indicated in your visa; the penalties for doing so are a fine or imprisonment [...]
The weather:
The weather in Thailand is mostly humid and hot throughout the year, with just a few months of cool weather. Since it is a tropical country, Thailand has the typical three seasons found in countries of the tropical region. There is a hot, cool and rainy season but usually it is good for visiting throughout the year. The temperature usually ranges from 19-38 degrees Celsius which is pleasant enough for most people travelling to Thailand.
Thailand is divided into five regions, the North, the Northeast, Eastern region, Central region and the South. In the Northern peaks you will find beautiful forests full of exotic wildlife and hill tribes. The central plains are known as the "Rice Bowl of Asia". Bangkok is also located in the central region of Thailand. All across the Northeastern plateau which stretches from the Mekong River border with Laos to the South you will find resplendent beaches and stunning islands which include Phuket and Samui [...]
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